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2000+ people have put their trust in CCTV, How about you?


Many shop owners face challenges with frequent thefts in their shops. This type of crime is characterized by the fact that it is often the same people who repeatedly commit the offenses.


Tenants seek a safe environment for their companies and employees. Good security measures and routines can provide a more relaxed collaboration.

Shopping center

Large concentrations of shops and crowded areas often increase the frequency of unwanted incidents. Camera surveillance is used to secure shops, common areas, and car parks.


Raw materials and finished products are valuable and may need continuous monitoring. We can assist in designing and implementing a solution for your needs.


Protection that animals, machines and key equipment are safe and secure. Prevent downtime on your farm with assurance that equipment that is crucial to the efficiency of your business is in working order.


Accommodations require a security system that allows staff to respond to security risks and threats, and enables quick action if incidents occur.


It is important to have a security system at all facilities. Theft of materials and equipment on construction sites accounts for large losses for construction companies every year.

Housing association/shareholder

Do you know who has access to your building? When it comes to apartment complexes and office buildings, the honest answer might be “no.” These facilities face unique security challenges that are best met by regulating access with access control and a security solution.

Government enterprises

Protect your property with surveillance cameras and digital video recorders.